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Marriage and Love Analysis

It is said that marriages are made in heaven. But are you sure that the one you want to spend your life with or already spending your life with is the special

one made for you? It is in your hands to find out whether he or she is the one destined for you i.e. whether you are choosing Mr. Right or Ms. Right for yourself or not. If you choose the right partner, life seems to be a cakewalk. But if your selection is wrong, it can even shatter the charm and the zest of life. .

Love and Marriage Prospects are the explanatory details advising you if your Arranged Marriage or Love Marriage one will serve you in the long run. It could also mean what steps you need to take in order to maintain a balancing act in your marriage. To say otherwise, this is an incredibly trustworthy solution to Love and Marriage Remedies for your marital problems in the context of their astrological origins.

Get your Love and Marriage Prospects prepared by our Renowned Astrologer at PavitraJyotish and experience happy married life. The report includes consideration of every factor responsible for creating scuffle in your matrimonial life with its relevant Astrological Solution. We dig out to the bottom of every problem that might be affecting your marriage life and help you recreate peace and harmony



Divine wisdom of astrology can prove to be of much help when it comes to the queries related to education. Our astute and experienced astrologers can let you know whether one will study further, or if one has the capacity to clear various competitive entrance exams or not, or what stream one should chose in order to succeed etc. If you are facing problems related to education, what should be done in order to get out of these difficulties and excel academically?

For almost everyone, choosing a right education that is helpful, career-centric, and fruitful for their pursuit of success in life is often a consideration too difficult to take. What is the right course to follow? What is my right education path? Can I have proper education solutions for my future? Questions like this lead to confusion for the unsettled mind.



Divine astrological wisdom gives you the opportunity to pinpoint and analyze the cause of financial problems, and it also suggests remedial measures required to be taken in order to get out of hot waters. Astrology is the science that not only advices the amelioration of some financial ailment, but you

can also benefit from knowledge for the betterment of your already good financial position. If you have any finance related query, let the ancient astrological wisdom help you and get the comprehensive financial report from our expert astrologers.

Money is one of the most crucial things that everyone wants to accumulate in their life, up to the limit where survival is no longer a problem. A visible lack of money could spell depressing outcome in the life of those going through a financial crunch.


Carrer / Job

This details report will consist of in-depth astrological analysis and remedial suggestions of every aspect of your business or job. This report would prove to be a detailed guide of your career for the year ahead. Let ancient astrological wisdom help you flourish your career and get the comprehensive career report by our expert astrologers..