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Vaasthu Shastra

About Vaasthu Shastra:

Sri krishna Sai Jyothishalayam. undertakes personal field surveys to determine the Vaasthu-compatibility of their plots, flats and structures. Vaasthu reports are professionally prepared on the same lines as our birth charts, with computerized mapping, point-wise description, suggestions, cautions as also non-Vaasthu-related construction generalia.


How can we use vaasthu Shastra

The vaasthu practices are useful in various walks of life. An architect can design house or workplace but can't bring prosperity, happiness, peace, good health, and development. It is actually when architecture is blended with vastu that brings prosperity. It is the process to generate wealth, development, happily married life, good health and happiness in the family.

A vaasthu Shastra consultant will tell you how vaasthu Shastra provides a habitat an immense amount of cosmic energy. Individuals who live and work in Vaastu Shastra-compliant locations are happy people, content with their environment, and benefit from nature's abundance of solar energy, gravitational force, cosmic forces, and spiritual energy. If 100% compliance is not possible for a residence vaasthu Shastra principles may be applied to the interior design or arrangement of the house.

Our Services for Vaasthu

  • Residence vaasthu

    Basically, vaasthu Shastra helps to create an ideal home for living which generates the positive energy vibrations in the house. These positive vibrations help to lead a happier life.

    Make your surroundings positive with the help of vaasthu Shastra Consultancy. We are here with our vaasthu Shastra Consultants to provide you details about it for your home and office. With the help of our vaasthu Shastra Consultant, just get rid of all the negative energy vibrations from the home. Follow all the instructions given by the vaasthu Shastra consultants while construction or renovation of your residence.

  • Commercial vaasthu

    We provide vaasthu Shastra services for hotels, restaurants, office, business area, shop, factory, etc. We are here to give you satisfactory services of vaasthu Shastra at a reasonable cost. Order vaasthu services online which can lead you to a happier, wealthy, healthy life.